Wet bench for resist coating and bakes

Vendor: PV-Plast

Contact: Tatiana Becker (04-8293250, tatiana@ee.technion.ac.il)

 Dima Peselev (04-8295125, pesel@ee.technion.ac.il)

The bench is located in the Silicon yellow room of Wolfson clean rooms. The bench consists of a large work surface area, two Headway spinners, three hot plates, MEMMERT convection oven and resists chemical storage area.

Digital photoresist spinner (EC101D)

  • 2 types: for 2” and 4” wafers
  • 4″ with PWM32 Controller
  • 2″ with EC-101D\PM-101D motor controller and foot switch
  • Speed range:  50 to 10,000 rpm

Hot plate (Dataplate PMC series 730)

  • Microprocessor Based Control of Temperature and Stirrer
  • Digital Display
  • Precise Control of Temperature, Stirrer Speed, Time/Temperature/Ramp
  • Built-in RTD Temperature Sensor Controls the Temperature at Plate Surface

Hot plate with stirrer (Velp scientifica)

  • Heating plate diameter: 155 mm
  • Temperature regulation: form room temperature to 250 °C

Convection oven (Memmert)

The Memmert ‘U’ universal oven range offer unparalleled precise, even and gentle temperature control for a diverse range of applications such as experiments with highly sensitive loads, drying or baking polymers, photoresists, resins or outgassing parts. Precise and homogenous temperature control and stainless steel inside.

  • Temperature range up to +300 °C
  • Size 30L
  • Model variant: SingleDISPLAY
  • Natural convection or forced air circulation
  • Programming display