Working with us

Modes of collaboration with the MNF&PU:

  1. You (student, engineer, researcher) can be trained to use the facility and register as a user. As a registered user you have access to a web-based booking system that operates on a first come, first served basis. For non-academic users, we use standard contract to let you in.
  2. Our team can perform fabrication processes according to your specifications.
  3. You can ask us to perform a prototype development and then to produce at small volume.
  4. Based on our positive experience, we welcome mutual partially subsidized development projects (Magnet, Magneton, Meymad).
  5. If you need a unique tool that requires a dedicated clean room environment, you can rent space in our facility, and we will help you connect your tool to the supporting infrastructure.
Laboratory Access & CapabilitiesEran
Project/process development requestYana
Training coursesTatiana 8293250
Administration and BillingGil Ben 8294203
Centre’s HeadGuy 8294712