Academic Courses

All courses are given as part of EE undergraduate ( or graduate programs (

Note that we offer two hands on laboratory courses:

Microelectronics processes (photolithography, oxidation, diffusion, film deposition, characterisation, microfabrication of various devices)

Nano-electronic lab  (Fabricate and test light emitting diodes, solar cells, Field effect transistors)

The principle courses in the micro-nano chain are

Physical principles of semiconductor devices 046225

עקרונות פיזיקליים של התקני מוליכים למחצה

Electronic devices 1 044231

התקנים אלקטרונים 1

Solid state physics 046129

פיזיקה של מצב מוצק ח’

You may want to broaden your horizons and choose also from the elected courses given by Physics and Chemistry departments