Surface Profiler (KLA Tencor P-6)

Vendor: KLA Tencor, Model: P-6

Contact: Dr. Orna Ternyak (04-829-4204,

The KLA-Tencor P-6 is a mechanical highly sensitive surface profiler that measures step height, roughness, and waviness on sample surfaces. The profiler acquires data using stylus-based scanning by moving the stylus on the sample surface and applying a constant force of several mg. Vertical movements of the stylus are sensed by a transducer, digitized and stored in the memory for later plot manipulation. The common applications are: surface roughness, photoresist thickness (when optical measurement is not possible), depth of etched trenches, thickness of deposited material post lift-off, etc.


  • 2-D surface topography measurements
  • Three range of depth measurements:
    • ±5µm (13 total) with vertical resolution of 0.008Å
    • ±32µm (64 total) with vertical resolution of 0.04Å
    • ±173 (327 total) with vertical resolution of 0.2Å
  • Applied force from 0.5 to 50mg
  • Motorized stage up to 6″ with vacuum holder
  • Scanning stylus: 2-micron radius tip
  • Optical system for surface visualization
  • Possibility of multiple site measurement in one sequence recipe