Sputter Deposition (AJA International Inc. ATC 2200)

Vendor: AJA International, Model: ATC-2200

Contact: Guy Ankonina (04-829-5014, anguy@technion.ac.il)

The ATC 2200 sputtering system is designed to hold up to 6 targets in the main chamber, 3 DC magnetron guns and 3 RF magnetron guns in order to deposit different films from a variety of materials including metals, and dielectrics at temperatures ranging from RT up to 850°C on different substrates up to 4″ in diameter.


  • Available gas: Ar, N2, O2
  • Gun Generators: two 750W and one 5KW for the DC guns, Three 300W RF guns (13.56MHz)
  • Labview controlled system
  • Base pressure >5·10-8 Torr, working pressure between 3m to 40mTorr
  • Load-lock with a cassette that can hold up to 6 sample holders