Rapid Thermal Annealing (Jipelec JetFirst 200HT)

Vendor: JIPelec, Model: JetFirst 200HT

Contact: Valentina Korchnoy (04-829-3250, vkorchno@technion.ac.il)

JetFirst200HT is a Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) tool for R&D applications. The system has a stainless steel chamber suitable for rapid heating of thin films under controlled atmosphere or vacuum. The system includes a cold wall reaction chamber with maximum 8” wafer capability and powerful multi-zone halogen lamp furnace. The system equipped with two temperature control sensors: optical pyrometer and thermocouple. It uses digital PID temperature controller for fast, accurate, and repeatable thermal control across the temperature range.


RTP is used in technologies where thermodynamic equilibrium is not required: shallow junction formation, dopant activation and structure recovery after ion implantation, thin films growth and annealing, metallic contacts alloying and more.


  • Substrate diameter max 8”
  • Process gases: N2, O2, NH3, Forming Gas
  • N2 purge gas line
  • Cold-wall metal chamber design
  • 18 halogen lamps in 3 heating zones
  • Max power 34 kW
  • Operating temperature up to 1400 °C
  • Ramp rate 200°C/sec max
  • Temperature reproducibility ~50 °C
  • Vacuum up to10-5 Torr
  • Thermocouple control: ambient to 1000 °C
  • Pyrometer control: 400 °C to 1200 °C


Temperature Max hold time
T<500 °C 1 hour
T<700 °C 30 min
T<900 °C 10 min
T<1200 °C 2 min


  • Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) of Si and compound semiconductor wafers
  • Metallic contact alloying
  • Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO), de-oxidation, and nitridation (RTN)
  • Rapid Thermal Diffusion (RTD)
  • Crystallization
  • Structural and mechanical stress relaxation

Allowed materials:

Silicon, III-V and II-IV compound semiconductors, glass wafers, cutted wafer pieces.