Plasma Asher (Axic HF-8)

Vendor: AXIC, Model: HF-8
Contact: Dr. Orna Ternyak (04-829-4204,

The AXIC HF-8 is a plasma tool with capabilities of isotropic etching of organic compounds, such as photoresists and polyimide. It is usually used for substrate cleaning, descum post photolithography, photoresist striping post etching (ashing), modification of surface properties, adhesion promotion, etc.


• Available gas: O2
• Parallel plate chamber configuration
• Power source is 500W RF 13.56MHz
• The operation is manual
• Downstream Pressure Control
• Recommended conditions for descum: RF = 100W , Pressure = 200mTorr, t =2min
• Typical photoresist etch rates: 300-350 Å/min