Optical Microscope with a camera (Nikon Eclipse L200)

Vendor: Nicon, Model: Eclipse L200

Contact: Dima Peselev (04-8295125, pesel@ee.technion.ac.il)

The Nicon Eclipse L200 optical microscope is used for precise optical inspection of wafers and photo masks. The microscope is equipped with a camera projecting images on a PC screen. The MicroLine software (by Micro-Metric company) allows critical dimension programmable measurements of sub-micron features. It includes automatic adjustment of image illumination and autofocusing.


  • Objectives x10, x50, x100
  • 6″ stage
  • Bright Field (in reflection) / Dark Field (in transmission)
  • Saving pictures (disk-on-key)
  • Reflection and transmission modes
  • Possibility for measurement automatic recipes