HR-SEM (Hitachi S-4700)

Vendor: Hitachi, Model: S-4700

Contact: Valentina Korchnoy (04-829-3894,

The Hitachi S-4700 is a field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM), capable of high resolution imaging and specimen topography study from nanometers to millimeters. It uses an electron beam to image the surface of solid materials. Under optimal working conditions, it can magnify images upwards of 500,000 times and resolve features to 2 nanometers. Electron source is a cold FE gun producing high brightness with little energy spread.


  • Accelerating voltage range: from 0.5 keV to 30 keV
  • 2.5 nm resolution at 1kV; 1.5 nm resolution at 15 kV
  • Magnification range: from 30X to 500.000X
  • PC-controlled five axis motorized stage
  • Specimen stage rotation 360˚ in continuous mode
  • Specimen tilt at 12mm working distance (WD) up to 45˚
  • Sample size up to 100 mm diameter x 17 mm high
  • Two secondary electron (SE) detectors: one above the objective lens, the other below
  • Digital image acquisition at 640 X 480, 1280 X 960, or 1560 X 1920 pixels
  • Fully digital imaging, image processing and archiving system