FPP-5000 Automatic Resistivity Meter

Vendor: Veeco, Model: FPP-5000

Contact: Yacov Shneider (04-8294205, shneider@ee.technion.ac.il)

Measurement of resistive properties of a semiconductor wafer and resistive films.
The microprocessor based electronics permits direct computation of V/I, sheet or slice resistivity, metallization thickness and P-N type testing.


Allowed Materials: Si, Ge, C, GaAs and its compounds, and InP and its compounds.
Prohibited Materials: Organics, greases, and other materials that may contaminate the probes.


  • Measurement functions and ranges:
    • Sheet resistance: 1.1 mΩ/square to 450 kΩ/square
    • V/I: 0.25 mΩ to 99.9 kΩ
    • Slice resistivity: 4.12E-2 mΩ-cm to 17.1 kΩ-cm
    • Thickness: 20 Å to 243 kÅ
  • Self-calibration and zero circuitry ensure high accuracy of ±0.5% on all readings between 5mΩ to 5kΩ. No more than ±8.0% at the extreme limits of the range.
  • Plug in probe head adaptors makes probe head changing convenient.
  • Probe up permits repeatable measurements independent of operator force and substrate thickness.
  • Integral RFI and light shielding for high resistivity measurements.
  • Optional penetrate function available to break down thin oxide layers. If selected, a 4 ms pulse of ~170 V is applied to probes before the measurement is taken. This pulse should be sufficient to break through approximately 700 Å of SiO2or 2200 Å of Al203
  • Optional dopant type test is also available for doped layers. A rectification test is performed first, followed by a thermal test if needed. If the results are inconclusive the N and P indicators are simultaneously illuminated
  • Automatically performs a reverse and forward measurement each time the cover is closed
  • Cycle time: the total test time less than 2 sec