Film thickness measurement (Nanometrics AFT 2100 Nanospec)

Vendor: Nanometrics, Model: AFT 2100 Nanospec

Contact: Tatiana Beker (04-829-3250,

Dr. Orna Ternyak (04-829-4204,

The AFT 2100 Nanospec is a computerized optical system for thickness measurement of dielectric films with known refractive index. It includes a computer controlled grating monochromator and a photomultiplier tube detector. The Nanospec measures an intensity of the reflected light as a function of the light wavelength, from 360 to 760 nanometers.  The measured films should be transparent in this range. Thickness determination is based on the interference phenomenon and a comparison between the reflection from the film and from the reference substrate. This instrument offers programs on eleven specific film types, relative reflectance, and multipurpose thick film capability.


  • The range of the measured film thicknesses extends from less than 100Å to 50KÅ, with a reproducibility of ±2% to ±5 %
  • Three objective lens: x5, x10, x50 for measurement dot size of 50μm, 25μm and 5μm, respectively
  • Film types:
    • Oxide on Silicon
    • Nitride on Silicon
    • Negative Resist on Silicon
    • Polysilicon on Oxide
    • Negative Resist on Oxide
    • Nitride on Oxide
    • Thin Oxide on Silicon
    • Thin Nitride on Silicon
    • Polyimide on Silicon
    • Positive Resist on Silicon
    • Positive Resist on Oxide