Ellipsometer (Rudolph AutoEL II)

Vendor: Rudolph Technologies, Inc., Model: Rudolph AutoEL II

Contact: Valentina Korchnoy (04-829-3894, vkorchno@ef.technion.ac.il)

RUDOLPH AutoEL II is a single wavelength, variable angle, microcomputer-controlled automatic-nulling ellipsometer providing easy-to-use approach for accurately measuring a wide variety of films (film thickness and refractive index). The ellipsometer measures the change in state of polarized light upon reflection from a surface. The state of polarization is determined by the amplitude ratio, tan(Ψ), of the parallel (p) and perpendicular (s) components of radiation, and the phase shift difference, ∆, between the two components. These quantities are used to automatically calculate the physical quantities of thickness and refractive index of the film.

Requirements to samples: the sample must be composed of a small number of discrete, well-defined layers that are optically homogeneous and isotropic.


  • He:Ne laser, 8 nm wavelength
  • The angle of incidence is set for 70˚ for standard applications
  • Film thickness measurement resolution 3-10 Å
  • Refractive index measurement resolution 0.01