E-beam Evaporator (Evatec BAK-501A)

Vendor: Evatec, Model: BAK-501A

Contact: Gavrilov Arkadi (04-829-3250, ark4718@gmail.com)

The model BAK-501A provides thin film coating of virtually any material quickly, cleanly and efficiently.  Our system is equipped with 10 kW e-Gun power supply, 6 pocket material source, thickness monitoring, sample heater, and indirect temperature monitoring up to 200˚C.  The use of multi-source crucible allows deposition of multilayers of six or more materials. A quartz crystal thickness controller is used for programming multilayers as well as for the automatic control of the thickness and of the deposition rate in each layer. Change of the crystal is carried out automatically. A base pressure in the system is 1 x 10-7 Torr. The vacuum recommended for deposition is 1 x 10-6 Torr or better. The sample holder is planar and rotatable.


  • Cryogenic pump
  • 6 pocket crucible
  • 2”x 9 & 4”x 9 wafer holders with rotation
  • Working distance 640 mm
  • Materials: Al, Au, Ti, Pt, Ni, Cr