Chrome mask processing tool

Vendor: Fairchild Convac

Contact: Dima Peselev (04-8295125,

Automated photomask processing unit for chrome and iron oxide mask after exposure in the laser pattern generator DWL-66. Processing includes development, chrome etching, water rinsing and spin dry. The unit is contained in an exhaust enclosure and operated by SIEMENS COROS OP15 multi program process controller.


  • Suitable for masks and silicon wafers up to 150 mm
  • Stage speed: 50 ÷ 3000 RPM
  • Number of chucks: 5
  • Number of canisters: 4
  • Processes available:
    • Chrome mask up to 150 mm square – photoresist development  and Cr etching
    • Silicon wafer up to 150 mm round – photoresist development
  • Upgradeable for new resists processes