CDs Optical Measurements (Vickers micro-system)

Vendor: Vickers micro-system, Model: M41

Contact: Tatiana Beker (04-829-3250,

 Dr. Orna Ternyak (04-829-4204,

The Vickers M41 microscope is an Image Sharing Microscope for critical dimensions (CD) measurements. The measurement is done by Image Shearing Module, which contains splitting prism that splits the image by manual rotation of micrometer to displace the second image regarding the main image and accurately measure the displacement in the Direct Dimensional Readout Unit.


  • The dual illumination system of the microscope can provide either transmitted or incident light.
  • The image can be viewed on the closed circuit TV or through the eyepieces.
  • The minimal feature to measure is up to 1.0µm with 0.05µm accuracy.
  • Measurement with five different microscope objectives is possible.