Wet benches for ink preparation with stirring plate and mixers

Stirring plates:

Vendor: 2mag, Model: MIX 6


Vendor: MRC, Model: TRO-1206

Contact: Tatiana Beker (04-829-3250, tatiana@ee.technion.ac.il)

The benches include a stirring plate, two tube rollers (mixers) and a rotational viscometer for preparation and characterization of inks for high resolution pad printing.


Stirring plate:

  • Stirring points: 6
  • Stirring volume/point: 1 – 3,000 ml
  • Speed range: 100 – 2,000 rpm

Tube roller (mixer):

  • Rocking and rolling motions for complete mixing
  • Speed range 0-70 rpm
  • Number of rollers: 6
  • Roller size: 280 x 30 [length x diameter, mm]