Thermal Evaporator (Vinci PVD-4)

Vendor: VINCI, Model: PVD-4

Contact: Gavrilov Arkadi (04-829-3250,

The VINCI is a Physical Vapor Deposition system, dedicated to thermal evaporation process for material deposition. The material source is resistively heated (up to 200 Amp). The system is equipped with a quartz crystal monitor for manual thickness control. The sample holder is planar and rotatable. The tool is used for deposition of metals and SiO2.


  • Up to 4 sources (boats, rods, baskets, filament, etc.)
  • Turbo molecular pump
  • Working distance 300 mm
  • 2”x 3 & 4”x 1 wafer holders
  • Materials: Ag, Au, Ge, Pd, Al, Cr, Cu, Fe, SiO2