Surface Profiler (KLA Tencor 200)

Vendor: KLA Tencor, Model: Alpha-Step 200

Contact: Tatiana Beker (04-829-3250,

KLA Tencor Alpha-Step 200 is a 2D computerized stylus-based surface profiler that auto-levels and auto-scales step heights up to 160 kA in the kA mode or up to 160 µm in the µm mode. The system is used for quick scans of single steps.


  • Manual wafer loading
  • Scan Lengths up to 10 mm
  • Two ranges of depth measurements:
    • ±160kA with vertical resolution of 5Å (angstrom range(
    • ±160µm with vertical resolution of 50Å (micro-meter range)
  • Horizontal resolution: 400 Angstrom
  • Vertical sensitivity: 20 Å to 50 Å
  • Zoom optics with magnification x40 to x120
  • Stage size is 4″