Pad Printer (Teca-Print TPX301)

Vendor: Teca-Print, Model: TPX 301

Contact: Tatiana Becker (04-829-3250,

The pad printing technique employs a high precision flat gravure plate and a complex silicone rubber pad to pick up the ink motif from the plate and to transfer it to any substrate (including curved surfaces).

The pad printing machine TPX 301 with a sealed inking system is driven by three servo motors. This offers a highly flexible printing process. The operation can be controlled via the user-friendly colour touch-screen. The plate holder is adjustable in x- and y-axes and the pad stroke is highly variable horizontally and vertically, so the TPX 301 is fully adjustable in all directions without a need for additional adjustment devices. Additional characteristics of the TPX 301 are a spacious, flexible working area, an increased printing force and a very high print accuracy. An integrated pad cleaning device is available.


  • Number of colours: 4
  • Standard plate sizes (steel and plastic): 250x100mm, 350x120mm
  • Drive: electromechanical/pneumatic
  • Compressed air connection: working pressure 5-6 bar
  • Printing power: 4000N
  • Air consumption: 0.04l/cycle at 6 bar
  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz/10A 9max. operating current 3A
  • Control: Modular PLC control
  • Setting machine up: individual operation of each working movement