I-line Stepper (GCA Autostep 200)

Vendor: PM Technologies, Model: GCA Autostep 200

Contact: Dima Peselev (04-8295125, pesel@ee.technion.ac.il)

GCA stepper is an i-line (365 nm) step and repeat exposure tool for doing lithography that requires high resolution and/or critical alignment.


  • Tropel lens with N.A. of 0.45 and Sigma of 0.5, the tool is specified for 0.65µm features; we have printed <0.5µm.
  • NSITU tool setup
  • Smart Set metrology software
  • The focus system uses broadband light and is repeatable to <0.2µm.
  • Overlay is specified as <0.125µm using local alignment; we have seen well below that.
  • Interchangeable hand-held wafer chucks give capabilities to use substrates between 200 and 800 microns’ thickness and from 10×10 mm2 to 100mm round
  • Up to 14x14mm2 field
  • Automatic Wafer Handler (set for 100mm)
  • Reticle Management System (up to 10 reticles)