E-beam Evaporator (VST TFDS-184)

Vendor: VST, Model: TDFS-184

Contact: Gavrilov Arkadi (04-8293250, ark4718@gmail.com)

The model TDFS-184 provides thin film coating of virtually any material quickly, cleanly and efficiently.  Our system is equipped with 10 kW e-Gun power supply, 6 pocket material source, and thickness monitoring. A variety of evaporation source materials are available.  A base pressure in the system is 3 x 10-7 Torr. The vacuum recommended for deposition is 2 x 10-6 Torr or better. The sample holder is planar, with a possibility of tilt and rotation.


  • Cryogenic pump
  • 6 pocket crucible
  • Semiautomatic valve sequencer
  • Working distance 550 mm
  • 2”x2 & 4”x1 wafer holders
  • Materials: Al, Au, Cu, Ti, Ti/W, Ni, NiCr, Pt, Gd, Sm, Sc, Cr, Co, Fe, Mo, Ge, Pd, CaF2, Al2O3, StF2, Vd