Rapid Thermal Annealing (Jipelec JetFirst 100C)

Vendor: JIPelec, Model: JetFirst 100

Contact: Valentina Korchnoy (04-829-3894, vkorchno@ef.technion.ac.il)

JetFirst 100 is a Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) tool for R&D applications. The system includes a cold wall reaction chamber with maximum 4” wafer capability and powerful multizone halogen lamp furnace. RTA is used in technologies where thermodynamic equilibrium is not required: shallow junction formation, dopant activation and structure recovery after ion implantation, thin films growth and annealing, metallic contacts formation.


  • Substrate diameter max 4”
  • Process gases: N2, O2, NH3, Forming Gas
  • operating temperature 1200°C
  • Ramp rate 100 °C/sec max
  • Temperature reproducibility ~50˚C
  • power 30kW
  • Vacuum 10-4 Torr
  • Thermocouple control from 20 °C to 1000 °C readable
  • Pyrometer control from 400 °C to 1300 °C readable